quantum footbag shoes



It is the world’s only shoe tailored for the sport of footbag. Designed with lightweight sole and big kicking areas, the quantum is sure to lift your game.

The clipper area of quantum sole has been given a unique curved shaping and seamless sole to fabric transition. Also the “brocut” area is thin and deepened for a greater ankle crank. Toe box area is bigger than ever and an extra hole is punched for your individual lacing needs.

EnergyQ is the material technology used for our very own single density sole that delivers both great cushioning and elasticity making our sole the lightest of footbag shoes ever made.

We use highest quality PP yarn for the outside kicking surfaces, cow leather hide for our heel, toe and lacing components and breathable cloth material for the inside of quantum shoes.

The shoe is completely manufactured in Czech Republic with the use of materials produced entirely in European Union (Spain, Italy, Germany). The two basic colors are black and white, the color variation comes in blue, light blue, orange, purplepink, green and gray.

What are we collecting money for? Mainly for our own duralminium sole molds, the rest is used for all the production processes. We count with at least 10 sizes including some 1/2 sizes, but the more money we collect as prepayment or donations the more sizes we can produce. The project is produced by planetfootbag in cooperation with Czech Footbag Association. For any information please contact us here.



quantums are created to help you be better in a casual circle kicking habit with your friends, as well as intense freestyle shred on the highest level. Its sole reacts well with slippery gym surfaces and brings needed cushioning on outdoor environments.

They are ready to play out of the box, no modifications needed, just lace them like a casual sneaker or use any variation of freestyle techniques and you are ready to go.

Special “Thank You” to these subjects and people for their help with this unique project:

planetfootbag CH-DE-CZ-AT, Czech Footbag Association, SU Gravity Figthers, Jana Buch, Miroslav Jančařík, Jakub Sedlák, Jakub Koštel, Jakub Mystiq Matula, Giulio de Blasio, Lucaso Škoda, Bekim Hoti, PUR plastic – p. Janáček, FormaTrade, Honza Weber, Pawel Nowak, Milan Benda, Jindra Smola, Vašek Klouda,….and the footbag family.

Additional information

Dimensions 40 × 20 × 15 cm

100 %